Colorado Springs, CO

Mascot: Falcons

“We’ve got a pretty young team this year with only 3 seniors and 2 Juniors returning to play for the season.  Our coaches last year put in a lot of work and effort to get the team rolling and we’re working hard to pick up where they left off.  We’re looking forward to getting the season rolling and enjoying some team bonding with long road trips in the team vans and club baseball recognition.

Interesting/Fun Facts: Due to the circumstances that we have been placed under because of  Covid-19 we have had to modify our schedule and one of our returning seniors, Matt Morales, has taken the responsibility of conducting 4 am virtual team lifts and yoga sessions.  While nobody is yet to attend it was an effort that didn’t go unnoticed.”

“We’re expecting big things this year from our center fielder Cole Tofil.  With several leadoff homeruns in our limited season last year he’s expected to pick up where he left off before he gets cut.  Another player to keep an eye on is our golden glove third baseman Luis Quintero.  Luis has put in a lot of work over quarantine and is expected to be a huge contributor and the captain of our infielders.  We also have a former D1 tight end turned club baseball 1st baseman in Davis Koskie.  While he’s still learning how make contact with the ball he truly takes the go big or go home mentality to heart.”

Team Social Media:

Twitter: @AFClubBaseball