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Trent Vallinger has recently been hired full time as the new Rawlings Sponsor Account Manager for the National Club Baseball Association.  With this new position, Trent will be overseeing all the day to day logistics of the NCBA’s partnership with Rawlings Sporting Goods.

Rawlings is the Official Uniform, Apparel, Baseball & Equipment Provider of the NCBA. All member teams receive up to 45% off all orders through the NCBA & Rawlings!

Trent can be reached at or by phone at 412-321-8440 x111 should you be interested in anything Rawlings can offer!


If you weren’t able to tune in LIVE on August 22nd for the NCBA League Meeting, not to worry!  You can catch the full recorded version or you can opt to watch specific topics discussed such as a 2018: year in review, sponsors & fundraising, or 2019: what’s to come, by clicking HERE.


The updated rulebooks for the 2018-2019 NCBA Division II Season are below.  Be sure to download a copy and print them off to bring with you to every game.

NCBA DII Rulebook with Highlighted Changes for 18-19 season:  CLICK HERE

NCBA DII Rulebook without highlights:  CLICK HERE


Alec Verhoff has recently been hired full time as the new Marucci Sponsor Account Manager for the National Club Baseball Association.  With this new position, Alec will be overseeing all the day to day logistics of the NCBA’s partnership with Marucci Sports.

Marucci is the Official Bat Provider of the NCBA. All member teams receive two complimentary bats with their membership each season, along with receiving exclusive pricing on additional orders through the NCBA/Marucci online store.

If you’re interested in checking out the exclusive store Marucci has set up for NCBA member teams, use this link – Everything from wood to composite to BBCOR to fungo’s & much more. Prices are so low the site is pass code protected…be sure to reach out to Alec for access!

Alec can be reached at or by phone at 412-321-8440 x112 should you have any questions!


The Annual Rules Committee Meeting was held on Saturday, July 28th.  The voting results of the rules suggestions that were submitted can be found here.  The updated 2018-2019 NCBA Rulebooks will be released in the coming weeks. Once they are finalized, they will be posted to the website as well as emailed to all the teams.

Rawlings – Official Apparel Provider of the NCBA

CollClubSports has reached a 2-year deal with Rawlings Sporting Goods, for them to be the “Official Apparel Provider of the NCBA and NCSA.”

“During my time holding the Rawlings Sponsor Account Manager position, among the most frequent questions I am asked is ‘can Rawlings decorate their performance apparel?’ I am very proud to announce that the answer is finally a ‘Yes!’ As a part of our two year agreement with Rawlings as the Official Apparel Provider of the NCBA and NCSA, they are now able to decorate their shirts, shorts, cage jackets, and more with the customer’s personal designs. From team swag to items to sell at team fundraisers, and discounts of at least 35% off, Rawlings can provide exactly what you are looking for.” says Trent Vallinger, the CollClubSports Rawlings Account Manager.


Rawlings is excited to offer fully customized apparel once again as that opportunity was not available the past few years. The items available include tees, hoodies, sweatpants, cage jackets, pullovers, shorts, and more. All apparel comes with the NCBA or NCSA league logo at no additional charge. To get started, check out their catalog!


CLICK HERE to check out the entire Rawlings Catalog!

(For apparel –> scroll down –> download –> see pages 193-201)


The 45% discount period runs through November 30th. From December 1st through June 30th, 2019 the discount is 35%. Contact Trent at or call 412-321-8440 ext. 111 for more information.


The Annual NCBA Rules Committee Meeting will be held on July 28th at the NCBA headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and vote upon rules changes and new rule adoptions to the current rule book that the NCBA member teams have sent in to the appointed Rules Committee Representatives.  If any Division II Teams have any rule changes that they would like discussed at the meeting, they should email their suggestion to Chad Lowe, the Division II Rules Committee Team Representative, at  Chad will speak on your behalf at the meeting and the committee will decide if the rule will be voted upon.  Results of the meeting will be sent out to all member teams and the updated rulebooks for the current season will be released soon after the completion of the meeting.

Marucci – Official Bat Provider of the NCBA

CollClubSports has reached a 3-year agreement with Marucci Sports, for them to be the “Official Bat Provider of the NCBA and NCSA.”

“Marucci is excited to become an official partner of the NCBA & NCSA,” said Justin Cryer, Marucci Director of College Sales. “At Marucci, we’re committed to growing the games of baseball and softball at every level, and we’ve had tremendous success from the Big Leagues down to T-ball. Partnering with the NCBA/NCSA allows us to supply a new group of competitive athletes & continue growing the game at the college club level.”


All NCBA member teams will receive two brand new bats each year. For the 2018-19 season, teams will receive one-of-each of the Cat8 and the Cat8 Connect models. Teams will be able to choose the size of each bat, as ordering instructions will be sent out in early August.

Image result for marucci bats cat8

The NCBA and NCSA will also have the opportunity to purchase additional bats of all varieties including aluminum, wood, and fungo at exclusive discount pricing.


To take advantage of these exclusive offerings, Marucci has set up personalized online stores for NCBA and NCSA member teams. To ensure only member teams take advantage of these offerings, teams need to contact CollClubSports Marucci Sponsor Account Manager, Alec Verhoff, to receive the pass code needed —> Once you have the pass code, use the link below to access the store!

Marucci Store:

Marucci will be an official sponsor of the NCBA DI, DII, and DIII World Series events. With that they will also sponsor the NCBA’s annual Home Run Derby that takes place during the DI World Series. Lastly, they will also be sponsors of the NCBA and NCSA Spring Training Showcase events.


Marucci is a popular brand throughout the baseball and softball industry. Notable NCAA programs to partner with them include Baylor University, Arizona University , and UNLV.


Often, Major League Baseball superstars such as Anthony Rizzo, Francisco Lindor, Buster Posey, and Albert Pujols can be spotted at the plate with Marucci bats in hand. In fact, an article posted on in 2016 tells us that Marucci has become “MLB’s Favorite Bat.” You can find the article here! Marucci debuted in the MLB back in 2006 holding just 5% of the market. Fast forward 12 years to today in 2018 & Marucci owns the largest share within the market as over 33% of MLB players swing a Marucci bat!