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Rawlings Week 24 Poll

LOTS of movement in the Rawlings poll as we head into the World Series next week. CLICK HERE for the full results. Final poll will be released May 27th. 


We’re down to 8! The field is set! The official 2016 DII World Series bracket will be released tomorrow after everything is finalized and calculated. CLICK HERE for all 8 completed District Playoff brackets and see which 8 teams punched their ticket! #RoadToKansas

District Playoff – Day 2 in the Books!

St. Louis has officially punched their ticket after taking home the District VI Playoff title! Who will join them tomorrow? CLICK HERE to catch up on all the brackets heading into Championship Sunday!

Day 2 Update – District Playoffs

Lots of exciting baseball left to be played. CLICK HERE to catch up where we are District Playoff wise halfway through Day 2. 

Day 1 Update – District Playoffs

Day 1 is in the books! District I & II will begin play tomorrow after a day of being washed out, while the other Districts featured many upsets. CLICK HERE to follow along!


Congratulations to Carnegie Mellon for clinching the District IV South
conference! They’re off to Williamsville, NY for the District IV Playoff
May 6-8! ?#?RoadToKansas?