DeMarini – Official Baseball Bat of the NCBA

NCBA and DeMarini To Offer Louisville Slugger Bats
DeMarini, the “Official Baseball Bat of the NCBA”, has just sweetened their deal with the National Club Baseball Association. Earlier this year, DeMarini acquisitioned the famous Louisville Slugger brand. Because of this, the NCBA can offer Louisville bats to their players at a steeply discounted price.


“I’m beyond excited to have the opportunity to bring Louisville Slugger as well as DeMarini bats to our players,” says Eric Curitore, Marketing Manager at CollClubSports. “I think this gives the players the unique opportunity to make a decision on what they feel is the best piece of equipment for them to use. Also with our exclusive pricing we can provide the best to our players without it costing them market prices. The ongoing deal with DeMarini has been great for the NCBA and NCSA and now adding Louisville Slugger to the mix the players can now use the two best brands in the business out on the field. It really is an exciting time to be a part of CollClubSports”.

Like at the beginning of every season, teams will get two complimentary bats to add to their inventory. With this new deal, teams will be receiving one DeMarini Voodoo Insane bat and one Louisville Slugger Omaha.

In addition, the winner of the DeMarini Long Ball Challenge will have the opportunity to receive a free fully customized DeMarini bat. As an authorized DeMarini bat dealer, the NCBA can also sell any Louisville bat, enabling them to offer teams the best pricing possible directly through the NCBA. Players can browse what Louisville has to offer by going to their website: along with what DeMarini has to offer:  (keep in mind that prices on the website do not reflect the NCBA exclusive discounts). Individual orders can also be placed at these exclusive NCBA prices by contacting Joe Shaffer at the NCBA office. He can be reached at and at 412-321-8440 extension 106!!”